A Teeth Whitening Experience with Philips Zoom Whitespeed!

In just one office visit, you can whiten your smile up to eight shades with Philips’ newest Zoom whitening system, the Whitespeed!  This new system delivers maximum results with its advanced LED light technology and has variable intensity settings so treatment can be customized to increase patient comfort.  This in-office procedure is safe and clinically proven to whiten your smile.   At Oak Tree Dental, we’ve been using the Zoom Whitespeed for well over a year now, and have had amazing results! At-Home Whitening Maintenance: At Oak Tree Dental, we want you to be able to maintain your brighter, whiter smile.  That’s why, as part of the In-Office Zoom Whitespeed experience, we custom make whitening trays ensuring your smile stays bright and white in-between treatments! What type of care is recommended for tooth sensitivity? Sensitivity during and/or after whitening treatment may occur with some patients, but will dissipate. Those who are susceptible are people with existing sensitivity, recession, exposed dentin, exposed root surfaces, recently cracked teeth, abfractions, open cavities, leaking fillings or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity or allow penetration of the gel into the tooth. It is important to have a dental consultation so that proper pre-whitening procedure can be discussed to lessen tooth sensitivity. At Oak Tree Dental, we offer Fluoridex Daily Defence 5000 PPM Neutral Sodium Fluoride Sensitivity Relief toothpaste that can be used 10-14 days prior to chairside whitening. We also apply fluoride relief gel following the procedure. To see if you’re a candidate for this whitening experience, call Oak Tree Dental today: 858-748-2101