Part 2: The links between Gum Disease, Diabetes, and other Diseases.

Gum disease is an infection of your gums and bone. Similar to any infection, gum disease can make it difficult for a person with diabetes to control their blood sugar. In addition, gum disease can increase blood sugar, thereby adding to the increased periods of time when the body functions with a higher blood sugar. This puts the diabetic patient at greater risk of complications.

A relationship between gum disease and stroke has been reported by several studies. People who had experienced a stroke where nearly twice as likely to have gum disease when compared to people who have not had a stroke.

Research is also showing a relationship between gum disease and Osteoporosis. The studies indicate a more rapid loss of teeth due to a decreased bone density caused by the Osteoporosis coupled with a gum and bone infection caused by periodontal disease.

Respiratory Disease:
Recent studies have found oral bacteria being aspirated into the lungs causing a variety of respiratory diseases, including pneumonia.

A strong link has been reported between severe gum disease in men and a much higher incidence of pancreatic cancer. Other studies have also suggested that an increased risk of lung, kidney, and blood cancers exists even in the presence of moderate gum disease.

Good oral health is important for good overall health!