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Soft Tissue Laser Treatment In Poway, CA

gum treatment

Laser Dentistry

This exciting new technology enables us to perform a variety of procedures, such as comfortable repositioning of unattractive or problem gum tissue, biopsies, removal of benign tissue growths in the mouth, frenum removal and treatment of periodontal pockets.

Non-Surgical Laser Periodontal Therapy (Gum Treatment)

Dr. Rafik Riad performs non-surgical gum disease laser therapy in conjunction with scaling and root planing (SRP) that can help improve the effectiveness of this procedure. Our dental hygienists at Oak Tree Dental are certified in laser gum therapy and also treat gum disease using this great technology.
Non-surgical laser gum therapy helps us effectively treat and manage gum disease, typically with much less bleeding, swelling, and patient discomfort.


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